AA Route Planner

Welcome to the home of the AA route planner information site. This site aims to provide you with all the information you would need when using the AA route planner. You Can use the AA route planner for anything from planning a short trip or to go to a long haul trip to europe.

The AA have 0ver 50 years of experience in roads so you can be rest assured that you will always be safe and get to your destination when using the AA route Planner.

If you have never used the AA route planner before dont worry below is a step by step guide on how to use theĀ  route planner provided by the AA.

Firstly you will need to navigate your way to the AA website or type into google aa route planner. You should by now have found your way to this page http://www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp if you have then just simply copy and paste this web address into your browser.

What you do next is select whether you are travelling in Great Britain, Republic of Ireland or Europe. In this example lets select “GB” Enter where you want to go from and where you want to go to and if you want to make any de-tours along the way then eneter those using the “via point” option.

Once you have entered all your details then hit the enter button on your keypad and you are done good job.